Gilbert Family Photos at Arizona Farm Bureau

Remember that u-turn I mentioned? This was it. It was full on halt the presses, turn around, and do a double take when I got a glimpse of this gorgeous location for family photos in Gilbert. The palm trees right on the lake, the bougainvillea in full bright pink bloom, and of course that golden glow of a perfect clear sky at sunset. Be still my heart! It is the most random place, behind an office building, but sometimes those random places make for the most interesting. I was excited when this perfect little family was game to try it out. They were such troopers, braving the August heat and humidity. This sweet little girl decided that some scattered flower petals would make things just perfect, and so scatter she did!  And her brother, even though he faces challenges every day that most of us could never image, he has this amazing smile that would just melt you! ❤️

Gilbert Family Photos Asea Tremp Photography Gilbert Family Photos Asea Tremp Photography Gilbert Family Photos Asea Tremp Photography Gilbert Family Photos Asea Tremp Photography Gilbert Family Photos Asea Tremp Photography Gilbert Family Photos Asea Tremp Photography


August means Grandparents Day is right around the corner, so what better way to celebrate than with a photo session! I loved spending time with all of the families who came to our mini session event at Zoolikins in Scottsdale last weekend. We set up shop right next door at Mini Social, a fabulous, family friendly event space which is perfect for 1st birthdays, baby showers and even playdates – they have open play hours 6 days a week! They also happen to have an awesome white brick wall with the most amazing floor to ceiling windows of natural light, which I was so excited to get to spend a day shooting on! Old Town Scottsdale has some beautiful photo locations itself, the bridge and canal behind the shop will make for some gorgeous holiday family photos later on this year. Speaking of family holiday photos… I am currently booking out through December, whether you are in Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Tempe or Scottsdale, be sure to get in touch and get on my schedule while there are still a few weekends open!

Grandparent Photos Scottsdale Zoolikins MPM 11am 072917 Asea Tremp Photography 12_STOMP


Oh. My. Word. Hot does not begin to describe the summer weather in Arizona! Its been a little over 2 months since I picked up my business, my little family, and 12 years worth of stuff in our tiny townhouse and headed East to Phoenix. At the beginning of summer. Most people have laughed when I told them this, Why on earth would you do that? they ask. But I digress. I’ve been learning how to plan around it and make the most of the absolutely mind blowing sunsets that we get during the monsoon, its a trade off!

Early in the morning on the 4th of July, I met these awesome people at Lost Dutchman State Park, right at the base of the Superstition Mountains. Early in the morning it was already over 80 degrees, mind you, so “coolest part of the day” is all relative. They were absolute troopers, as we scoped out the venue options within the park for their intimate wedding in November. The location is absolutely gorgeous, if I was a hiker (those who know me are laughing right now) I would totally hike it at sunrise for the amazing colors and view! It also has a lot of permanent residents… one of which we nearly stepped right onto under a tree near the path – snakes!! This California girl nearly jumped 50 feet in the air, and I may or may not have screamed just a little, but we made it out alive in spite of my totally inappropriate reaction!

Stay tuned for their fabulous wedding photos coming this Fall!


You guys, listen. The struggle is real when you are a photographer. You spend countless hours, meticulously shooting and editing amazing portraits for your clients, and over time you start to expect that level of perfection from every. single. photo. that you take. Of your kids, of the dog, of your vacations, everything. It is so hard for a perfectionist to let it go! My family was recently blessed to be able to go on a Make-A-Wish trip for my daughter, who was born with a congenital heart defect. What I knew would be a once in a lifetime trip for her made me want to take all the pictures, of everything, all the time. But I also wanted to BE there. Do you get me? I didn’t want to get home and have to relive it through the photos because I forgot to put the camera down and experience the trip along with her. This I am often guilty of, as you’ll usually find at least one member of my family telling me to put the camera DOWN already! I ended up taking 1405 pictures of the 5 day trip. Oops.

Washington DC March 2017 1_STOMP

I think as photographers we also feel like we have a standard to live up to. Like we can put out only our very best work, even in our personal photos, because otherwise it may be judged. (I see you nodding there!!) Hear me –  a quick snapshot of an amazing memory is better than not remembering. Give yourself grace to capture the memory and then go live it without the guilt of worrying about how perfect the picture is! And if you are so lucky that your photographer is also afriend, and you get to enjoy all of her awesome personal photos too, just keep in mind… giving your undivided attention to a photo session is a WAY different ballgame than trying to grab a decent snapshot of 3 kids boarding a plane while dangling luggage from a stroller, hunting for the dropped paci, and waving frantically to get the middle child to just look at you for once!

So, I’m admitting the truth… my vacation photos kinda suck. Ok, maybe that’s going to the extreme, but they aren’t amazing, they aren’t perfect, and THAT’S OKAY!! They are crooked, sometimes blurry (on purpose, artistically right?), and often only 2 of my 3 kids are cooperating. They are full of photobombs, chopped limbs, bad lighting and odd composition. I’m usually either wearing a baby (who loves to grab everything!) or waving to said baby with one arm while trying to keep a steady hand with the other. And I never take my best gear on vacation, heck I shoot a lot of my personal shots with my iPhone! But I am not going to weed out only the best, and I am not going to hide the less than perfects from friends and family. Because I remember being there, and enjoying the moment, not just shooting. And you should too! So the next time you want a really cool shot of your 18 month old with airplanes in the background, but she’d rather run around the terminal carrying a banana and refuse to look at you, take the shot anyways. 😉


The holiday festivities are over, Christmas lights are packed away safely for another year, and Spring is right around the corner. That means audition season is here! Whether you are auditioning for a summer intensive ballet program, or a full year dance or music academy at APA, OCSA or another one of our awesome local programs, one thing is pretty consistent, you need some amazing headshots to show your best self and stand out in the crowd. Who has time to book a studio, take time away from other important activities, shlep there in winter weather, and then wait forever to get your images back? Nope, sorry Charlie, there is a much easier way. How does a quick shoot in the comfort of your own home, at a time that works for you, with last minute availability and photos back in 5 days or less sound instead? Easy peasy. Yes please! Give me a call and let’s get your gorgeous face ready for that big day!