Dance Audition Season | Huntington Beach Headshot Photographer

The holiday festivities are over, Christmas lights are packed away safely for another year, and Spring is right around the corner. That means audition season is here! Whether you are auditioning for a summer intensive ballet program, or a full year dance or music academy at APA, OCSA or another one of our awesome local programs, one thing is pretty consistent, you need some amazing headshots to show your best self and stand out in the crowd. Who has time to book a studio, take time away from other important activities, shlep there in winter weather, and then wait forever to get your images back? Nope, sorry Charlie, there is a much easier way. How does a quick shoot in the comfort of your own home, at a time that works for you, with last minute availability and photos back in 5 days or less sound instead? Easy peasy. Yes please! Give me a call and let’s get your gorgeous face ready for that big day!