The Art of Everyday | Storytelling Sessions

Your life, captured in film

How many times have you thought to yourself, I want to remember this moment forever. The way you feel, the things you see, tiny yawns and hilarious expressions. As a mom, this is always at the front of my mind, remembering to be present, soaking up every second of my little ones’ days as they grow too fast. But moments are so fleeting, tomorrow is a new day full of new memories and moments, and yesterday fades too quickly. You want to capture that story and play it back over and over, to take you back to the emotion, the love, the way you felt in that moment.

So let’s do just that, let’s tell your story! Your story may be a lazy summer afternoon watching the pure joy of childhood through the eyes of your little one. Or the first days with your newborn,  full of wonder and exhaustion and unconditional love. Maybe it is baking cookies with Grandma, a family tradition and something you hope that your children look back on and remember forever. It can be a simple day in the life, or a special occasion that has brought your family together from far and wide.

Enter Storytelling Sessions. A beautiful blend of moments on film, woven together with the perfect music to tell that story, accompanied by a gorgeous selection of images from the day. Storytelling Sessions are done wherever the memories you treasure unfold, at home, outdoors, or at your family’s favorite place to hang out and have fun. There are no rules when it comes to telling your story, its yours to tell after all! In the background will be me, like a fly on the wall, filming every little detail of our time together. No posing, very little direction (I may occasionally turn someone towards the light), just real moments. Most Storytelling Sessions will last 1-2 hours, but just as every story is unique, so is every session.

Are you ready to tell your story? Let’s go! This Fall, while I refocus my business to incorporate more film and build a library of amazing stories to share, a limited number of Storytelling Sessions will be offered at a great discount. Want in on it? Let’s chat real soon! In the meantime, check out a couple of fun summer stories included below…

Storytelling Sessions

What You Get:

One amazing gorgeous film documenting your story
A paid license for the music used in your story to allow for sharing online
A selection of beautiful images that compliment your story
A super fun morning or afternoon of family time ❤️