COVID Updates – as of 12/17/20

2020 was a YEAR, wasn’t it? While I am excited and hopeful that some sense of normalcy is just within reach, it is still my responsibility as a business owner to protect my clients and abide by local regulations. Below are the current precautions in place, be sure to check back for updates!

Are you open?

Yes! I am currently open for business. Because I do almost all of my work outdoors, I feel that we can safely continue making beautiful images of your family during this stressful time. HOWEVER, if at any time local or state mandates close non-essential businesses, I will not be able to continue working. If this happens, any sessions already booked will be rescheduled once the shut-down ends and new bookings will not be accepted until that time.

Are your sessions limited by COVID?

To protect my local clients, and my own family, and in the interest of helping to stop the spread, I will not be able to accept any indoor or travel sessions at this time. This includes in-home newborn sessions, cake smash sessions, events of any type, and sessions where family members have traveled from outside of Arizona to attend. Exceptions will be made for existing clients who I have previously worked with and are already anticipating the arrival of a newborn.

Due to visitor restrictions in our local hospitals, I am not able to schedule any in-hospital Fresh 48 newborn sessions. If you are expecting a little one soon, I am happy to provide some suggestions and tips on how to up your iPhone photo game to get some fantastic shots when they arrive!

How are you keeping us safe?

I am constantly reviewing guidelines and doing my very best to follow the advice of the medical experts. I take the threat of exposure very seriously and would never do anything to put my clients at risk. I sanitize my equipment before and after every session, and carry hand sanitizer with me at all times. I am not currently providing chairs, benches, blankets, letter boards, or any other items for sessions, though you are always welcome to bring your own! I will ask that we skip the handshakes and hugs – for now – and use air high-five’s and elbow bumps instead. I typically would not hesitate to move that one pesky strand of hair, straighten a collar or hairbow, or even tickle the little ones toes, but I will ask at this time that parents step in for these tasks so I can be completely hands off.

Since our sessions take place outdoors, and we are able to safely keep more than a 6′ a distance, I do not wear a mask for the entirety of our session. So much of photography is centered around emotion and for me to elicit the most authentic expressions from your kiddos wearing a mask is very difficult. If you have chosen a venue for your session that has specific rules about masks, such as a university campus or city property, we will need to abide by those rules. That may mean lots of off and on of the mask for you between shots, and a mask for me for the duration of our time together. Your safety as well as my own is my top priority and I will adapt to any changes necessary to serve that purpose. If you have a high risk family member attending, please let me know so that I can be sure to wear a mask for the duration of our session for their protection.

What if I am not feeling well/ tested positive/ have known exposure?

If you have tested positive for COVID, or are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with it, or have had exposure to someone with a known positive test in the past 10 days, I will ask that you notify me immediately so that we can reschedule your session. I am offering a courtesy reschedule for anyone affected by symptoms or a positive test. There will be no penalty to you, my rescheduling fee will be waived in full!

Your session will be immediately cancelled with no refund provided if you arrive at our session exhibiting any symptoms or have not previously notified me of a positive test in the past 10 days. I will not provide a future session date if this occurs. Please respect my need to keep my own family safe, as well as the safety of my other clients.

In the event that I exhibit symptoms, test positive or have been exposed, I will notify all currently scheduled clients immediately and provide options to reschedule their session. In cases where a session cannot be rescheduled, I will work with you to find another local photographer with a similar style to mine who is available to take over the session.

Are you offering “front porch sessions?”

The Front Porch Project was initially a movement started by a photographer as a way to document families in her community on her daily walks in a photojournalistic manner, showing how they spent their time during quarantine. It has evolved into many photographers offering scheduled, staged portrait sessions taking place on front porches. Unfortunately many photographers also used this as an opportunity to work during a time when non-essential businesses such as photographers were mandated to shut down. If a mandate is again issued for non-essential business to cease, I will follow all state, local and federal policies. I will not provide porch sessions or any type of session at times during which is it prohibited.

If you have a specific need to hold your session at home, in your front or backyard, I am happy to consider this on a case by case basis. Clients with a family member in hospice care at home, those who are extremely high risk and cannot leave, are medically fragile or have a child with severe Autism or another condition which makes an outdoor session in public challenging will be considered for these types of sessions. For all of my other clients, I look forward to helping you choose a beautiful, local outdoor setting for the best result, consistent with the style of images that you see throughout my website.

If you have any questions or concerns about how I am handling the risk of exposure or keeping my clients safe, please do not hesitate to reach out! I want you to come to your session relaxed, ready to have fun and just be you for this one hour of your day, and not worry about a thing!