April 1, 2015

Custom Photo Albums Aren’t Just For Weddings! ♥ Orange County Family Photographer

It’s a common misconception, I hear it all the time, but I’m here to debunk the myth! Think about this, you’ve invested in gorgeous professional photos of your family. Your photographer spends hours fine tuning each image to have the perfect color and exposure, touching up little details. You’ve got 20, 30, maybe 40 images, and you wish you could put every. single. one. on your walls but you only have so much room! What’s a Mom to do?? Most people will take their beautiful photos and order an album from a consumer photo company (I won’t name names, but they involve fish and birds) Now, while this is 1000 times better than just leaving the photos on your hard drive, never to be seen again, it’s not the best option. You’ll open the album and… well… it’s less than amazing. The photos just don’t look quite right, maybe they are a little too red, or blurry, or dark. But many people have never seen or held a professional photo album in their hands so they think that’s just the way an album is. Well, guess what – there’s a better way!!

Recently one of my clients ordered a custom album of her family session from me, and this was her response when she received it. “Just received my photo book, just gorgeous! So pleased, what a difference compared to the online photo books I usually get done. I will have this to share and treasure forever! Thanks so much!”  There really is that much of a difference, it’s true! So what makes it it so much better, you ask? Well let’s take a tour…

First, and foremost, your album is printed by the same professional lab who produces my prints, canvas, and other items. The computer which I use to edit your photos is calibrated to the lab’s specifications to produce accurate colors based on their printing machines. The color, sharpness, exposure, and overall quality of the prints is second to none, something that typical mass-consumer labs simply cannot replicate.  Why not? Because their albums are not made up of true photographic prints on photo paper, the same paper your actual prints would come on. Instead they typically use what’s called press printing, which does not use the same number of colors or level of detail as professional photo printers use.

While the rest is just gravy, this is definitely the most important part! I have spent a ton of time sampling various labs, visiting them at photography trade shows to check out their products and choose the one that was going to give my clients the best quality, at a price that is  still within reach. Only the best for you!

Photo Album Sample Images ML Asea Tremp Photography-9548_BLOG

You’ll notice something else right off the bat, the pages are thick and lay flat, not like a typical photo book. This is important because it means you don’t lose that gutter area where your pages are sewn or glued together. As a result, your beautiful images can be displayed in their full glory across a two page spread! It also means I can use every spare inch of those pages and not lose anything in the middle when I custom design your album. We will work together to incorporate the photos you choose, or every single one, until it is just perfect. No fiddling with frustrating software or waiting forever for your photos to upload, I take care of all that heavy lifting for you.

Photo Album Sample Images ML Asea Tremp Photography-9525_BLOG

The next thing you’ve probably already caught onto is that amazing leather cover. It is even more yummy in person, photos just can’t do it justice. While leather is not the only option, is sure is delicious! There are enough options to make you dizzy, with 23 leather colors, 15 linen colors, photo cover options, and endless design options for cameo covers in linen and leather (that’s the fancy little window in the front of the album).  You can check them all out over here. The binding is professional, crisp, and made to last a lifetime.

Photo Album Sample Images ML Asea Tremp Photography-9550_BLOGPhoto Album Sample Images ML Asea Tremp Photography-9541_BLOG

And while we’re at it, I’m sure you’ve noticed that beautiful grey linen box that the book above is pictured on. Well, it’s all yours too! Every single album includes it’s very own box for storage and safekeeping. Although something tells me you’re going to want to show this puppy off and not keep it hidden away in a box!

Photo Album Sample Images ML Asea Tremp Photography-9538_BLOG

So that’s it in a nutshell! If you’re still not sold that this is a worthy investment that will last generations, I’d love to show you a great sample album that you can touch and feel in person to help you make your decision. Because those beautiful professional photos deserve only the best!