January 17, 2019

Family Photos at Mother Nature’s Farm | Gilbert Family Photographer

If you are really lucky in life, you get to meet someone who just exemplifies the word amazing. Someone so selfless and generous and kind and humble, you just know that the world is made SO much better because they are here. These two people right here – they define amazing. They adopt, they foster, they tackle special needs and medical complexity head on. And they are truly awesome people to be around.

I met Mom a little over a year ago, when she was desperately searching for someone to come reshoot this adorable little girl’s newborn photos before she grew too much! I am so glad that fate sent her my way, or me hers. Since then we have done a great big happy family reunion shoot, a cake smash, and now some pure and simple family photos with her incredible little clan! I am so thankful she chose me to be her photographer, but even more thankful that I get to call her a friend.

And, um, this location?? If you’ve not been to Mother Nature’s Farm in Gilbert, you are missing a seriously adorable little farm in the middle of suburbia! We squeezed in a session just as the Christmas tree lot had opened for the season, and hiked back to the beautiful grove of tall trees. The kiddos loved checking out the goats, giant turkey, horses and other animals in between shots. This location is rustic, woodsy and beautiful, without ever leaving Gilbert! (The farm does charge a small fee for photography use, but it is SO worth every penny! Photographers have access to the entire property which we did not even scratch the surface of!)