RE About Me

Asea Tremp PhotographyHi, I’m Asea! I am a real estate, event and family photographer and filmographer from Orange County, CA, currently loving life in the East Valley of Phoenix. I’m a wife to a Marine Corps veteran, and a mom to 3 adorable little people.  I drink way too many Starbucks Frappucinos and I love love love going to Disneyland. In my spare time you’ll catch me on highway 10 somewhere between Phoenix and the OC. I have a thing for hearts, pink and anything sparkly. I am an Apple girl, and you’ll never sway me to the dark side.  I used to Crossfit – now I babywear. I volunteer my time for the Make a Wish Foundation because I believe your talent is only a gift if you give freely to others. When I’m not shooting, parenting or running the business side of things, my favorite guilty vice is Cherry Garcia Ben & Jerry’s, a good bottle of Shiraz (but really, Trader Joe’s will do), and the latest episode of Scandal or Gray’s Anatomy. Or House of Cards. Or Billions.

My photography background is a blend of university education (go Sun Devils!!) and ongoing training through industry workshops and seminars.  After relocating to the Valley of the Sun, I quickly realized that I needed to expand my skills to keep my business thriving during the intensely hot summer off-season for portrait work. You will see that my style is very natural and clean and I do not subscribe to the latest gimmick or editing trick, I try to highlight the best attributes of the property and show it is closely to what the eye sees with just a little oomph. When your buyer walks in I want them to feel like they are seeing exactly what was advertised, and not be unpleasantly surprised by something completely different.

Soooo, that’s me in a nutshell. What do you think, are we a match made in heaven? Drop me a line and let’s chat about what I can do to help make your next property shine.


Ohhh, one more thing. I see the question on the tip of your tongue. It’s pronounced A.C. You know, like that hunk on Saved by the Bell ❤️