May 11, 2016

Disneyland Senior Photos | Class of 2016

Ceilidh’s mom and I have been partners in crime, volunteering and having fun together for several years. So when I heard that Ceilidh was heading straight off to an internship with Walt Disney World  after graduation from Cal State Long Beach, I was super excited because we just HAD to take some senior photos at my favorite place in the world – Disneyland! We lucked out and the crowds were light and the rain held off just long enough. Good luck with your internship Ceilidh, I know you will ROCK it!! Also, I might be just a smidgen jealous that you get to live at Disney World. Just a smidge.

Have you booked your Class of 2016 senior photos yet? Be sure to give me a call before the year gets away from you! And Class of 2017 – time to start getting on the schedule!! I get TONS of requests for senior photos at Disneyland, and unfortunately a lot of times it’s just not possible because clients already have solid vacation plans for a date that just won’t work. Here are some quick tips if YOU are dreaming of a Disneyland senior photo session.

1 – Don’t plan on a Saturday, in the summer, right next to a holiday. It’s crazy in the park, and the heat – oy!! Crowds make it very difficult, and I do not usually accept bookings for Disneyland sessions from July 1 through late August, on any major holidays, Thanksgiving week, or the week from Christmas Eve until New Year’s Day for that reason.

2 – Do plan a weekday, during a slower time of year, in the morning. (And be sure to keep in mind when holiday decor will be up if you don’t want Senior Photos – Halloween/Christmas edition!).  I start Disneyland sessions right when the gates open, which gives us better light and the lightest crowds, and I am happy to give you some ideas of the best time of year to book.

3- Don’t plan on bringing your cap and gown (your sash or honors cords are fine), wearing formal wear (no prom dresses), bringing several outfits, anything on a hanger, curling irons, flat irons, or props of any kind (except anything you buy in the park – like Mickey ears :-). Park rules – you’ll be stopped at the gate and told to take it back to you car and that will cut in to our shooting time. *sad face*  Plus, you’ll want to travel light as we’ll be making tracks around the parks. Only bring what you can fit in a backpack that you’ll be ok carrying for 2+ hours.

4 – Do plan to bring mom (or dad). Any seniors under the age of 18 MUST have a parent book their session and have their parent with them during the entire session. No exceptions. Sorry, I know, lame, but it’s necessary.

5 – Do respect the Land and bring lots of patience. I cannot and will not block walkways, break park rules, or affect another guest’s experience in any way. No blowing glitter or throwing confetti, or any other mayhem that makes a mess, and no climbing into planters or other areas where guests are not permitted. And I am not willing to honor any requests otherwise. It’s my happy place… I aim to keep it that way. ❤️

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